Who I am:

I am a medical student at Emory University in Atlanta. I plan to explore this city with limited free time, but I hope to make the most of it. I spend most of my free time looking for new places to eat or new artsy things to do/see. If you have any suggestions- let me know


I graduated a Fine Arts major at the University of Pennsylvania in May 2012 while pursuing my other passion medicine by following the pre-medical track. If you want to know a bit more about that adventure check out the Daily Pennsylvanian article, “Student’s balance academics with love of art.”

After graduating, I shifted gears and worked at UPenn’s hospital as a clinical research coordinator for the Heart Failure & Cardiac Transplant Program. While attempting to see a different side of Philly than I was able to in my four years of college. I kept my artistic urges in check with frequent figure drawing sessions and a Body & Photography course.

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